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Our Partners

National Cancer Institute (NCI), Maharagama, Sri Lanka

Situated within 15 kms from the capital Colombo, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is ideally placed to provide bone marrow transplantation (BMT) services to the Sri Lankan community. The NCI is the premier tertiary hospital dedicated to the diagnosis and follow up treatment of cancer patients in Sri Lanka. The NCI is a 650 bed government run facility which is served by 150 doctors, 300 nurses and 600 para-medical staff. The NCI has prioritised the establishment of a BMT unit and a blood bank with a stem cell processing facility within a modern multi-storey building complex.

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National Blood Transfusion Service, Narahenpita, Sri Lanka

The National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) in Sri Lanka is a nationally coordinated system comprising 94 hospital based blood banks all over the island (including a fully operational blood bank within the National Cancer Institute). In 2012, the NBTS was awarded the best transfusion service of the developing world by International Society for Blood Transfusion. In addition, the NBTS is in the process of developing a national bone marrow donor registry(BMDR) which is a compulsory requirement for the sustainability of a successful HSCT program. The only state sector facility for HLA testing is under NBTS and more than 300,000 blood donors are registered annually to fulfil the blood and blood component requirement of the nation.

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St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

St Vincent’s Hospital is Australia’s second oldest hospital, with a long history of international collaboration, with the hospital being a service provider for the Solomon Islands and hosting exchanges with Papua New Guinea and Thailand.

The Haematology Department at St. Vincent’s Hospital provides comprehensive treatment for patients with a wide range of malignant blood disorders including leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. It has a dedicated, integrated and multidisciplinary team of hematologists, cancer care nurses and other allied health personnel ensuring the best possible treatment for their patients. The Department is a designated NSW referral centre for all forms of stem cell transplantation, and is a world leader in transplantation for auto-immune disease, with active international collaborators in Europe, USA and Canada.

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