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How can you help?

You can help in two ways;

  1. By Registering as a Bone Marrow Donor (subject to physical and clinical requirements)

    Patients in need of a bone marrow (stem cell) transplant but unable to find a matching related donor need your help.

    If you are in Sri Lanka you can register your interest by emailing to or through contact Us, so we can get in touch with you when the register (SLBMDR) is established.

    If you are in a country that has a Bone Marrow Donor Registry (eg: ABMDR in Australia) please contact your registry or Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide (BMDW)

  2. By Donating Funds to help the ongoing operation of the transplantation program. The first Transplant was performed in Colombo in late 2016 in the presence of the staff from Haematology unit at St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney.

    BMT is an expensive medical procedure even by international standards and cannot be solely supported by the present free medical and healthcare system prevalent in Sri Lanka. Therefore donor funding is integral to the success of the program and we welcome your generous donations.

For more information on Bone Marrow (Stem Cell) donation:

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